2024 Widewater Cygnets

Unusually 11 Cygnets hatched at Widewater this year, 7 of them parented by one mother and the other 4 parented by a different mother but all 11 shared the same father! The batch of 7 hatched on 12th May and the batch of 4 hatched on 17th May.

Very sadly, the batch of 4 were predated by Foxes on the evening of 17th May and this was almost certainly because their nest was not on one of the Widewater islands. The batch of 7 nested on Tamarisk island which meant they were at less risk of predators and to date, 6 of the 7 have survived and seem to be enjoying life swimming around both sides of the lagoon and being fed and watered by local residents.

2 of the 7 less than a day old Cygnets on their nest (Photo by Dave Hoggen)

One day old Cygnets on Tamarisk Island (Photo by Dave Hoggen)

Feeding time for mother and 2 days old babies (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
2 days old Cygnet on 14th May (Photo by Dave Hoggen)