Widewater from the sky on 11th January 2024. (Photo by Howie McConnell)
Swans enjoying a January 2024 Sunrise. (Photo by Dean Amy)
Widewater as it is now east of the footbridge. (Photo by Sarah Mitchell)
Lightning at the Widewater. (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
Sunset at the Widewater. (Photo by Steve Agace)
An autumn morning sky from shot from west Widewater in October 2022. (Photo by Dawn Jayne Anthony-Unstead)
One of Local resident Barbara Rose’s lovely home made signs at Widewater in November 2020. (Photo by Wendy Fry)
Moonrise over the Widewater in April 2021. (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
A beautiful view of the long and winding Widewater. (Photo by Sarah Mitchell)
Zoomed shot of the Moonrise from April 2021. (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
West side of Widewater. (Photo by Tricia Ryder)
A lovely Rainbow at Widewater. (Photo by Steve Agace)
Midnight Moonlit Widewater. (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
View from the west end of the Widewater. (Photo by Keith Wells)
Autumnal colours at Widewater. (Photo by Steve Agace)
The Sturgeon Moon rising behind the Widewater car park on 11th August 2022. (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
Snowy Widewater in February 2018. (Photo by Melanie Jasilek)
A fairly recent overhead view of the Widewater.
The Moon from the Widewater. (Photo by Dave Hoggen)
A Fire at Widewater a few years ago which was thankfully brought under control quickly by the Fire Service.
Postcard probably from the 1960s or 1970s.
Another postcard, presumably from around the mid 20th century.
Nellie Lloyd at Widewater footpath in the 1980s.
The old Widewater footbridge with lots of Swans!
Fairly recent B & W photo with Widewater Court flats in the background.
East end of the Widewater.
East of the bridge, pre-Widewater Court flats.
This photo was taken in 1916
B & W postcard, pre Widewater Court flats.