2023 Make a Difference Day

On 26th September, a group of 8 students from Brighton College volunteered at Widewater as part of the school’s Make a Difference Day initiative. You may have seen us working around the lagoon in the sunshine! We have had the pleasure of visits from the school for the last 14 years.

Work included cleaning and painting the interior of the information booth which was in great need of a makeover though the Spiders were not impressed by the intrusion into their home!

Another group set to work weeding the WoW boat under the expert supervision of WoW member Marion Wood who made sure that the original plants were left in tact.

The Plinths housing our Nature information boards also received a fresh coat of paint.

Further down the lagoon students and teachers put another layer of shingle on the Causeway path which had become worn with wear.

Although it was a working day, the students enjoyed spending time watching the wildlife and lunch on and around the beach was great fun!

We are very grateful to the hard working, friendly and polite Brighton College students and their teacher, Luke Shoham, for the wonderful contribution they made today to help improve and enhance the Nature Reserve.

A big thank you to WoW Committee members Dave and Marion Hoggen and Marion Wood and to Richard Procter for supervising the students and helping with the work. Grateful thanks also to Lancing Parish Council for supplying equipment and paint. We look forward to seeing another group of lovely students, hopefully, here again next year.

Written by Jo Procter