Jo Procter’s recent visit to our old friend Hilda’s new home

I went to visit Hilda this morning at Gina’s lovely lake where she was rehomed with Stanley. She was floating serenely on the water in the sun and when she spotted me walking across the lawn, she came out to meet me. Well, it was probably more to do with the fact that I was bringing brunch! She is very settled there and obviously happy. Of course she will be missing Stanley after all their years together but she seems peaceful and content. She has the company of the Ducks – though she will be bossing them about! and the friends who fish in the lake and who are very fond of the Princess as they call her! and of course Gina who I am endlessly grateful to for giving them such a beautiful home and for caring for them so well.

After having a chat with Hilda over brunch and she became very chatty ( grunting and nodding is Swan talk! ) I went around the lake into the beautiful leafy wood to visit Stanley’s resting place. We had planted a white rose where he is resting and I was very moved to see it in bloom with the sun shining on it through the trees. From there I could see Hilda across the water – being watched by Stanley I thought! Such a paradise. Here are some pics of Hilda. ❤️🦢🦢❤️