Stanley & Hilda’s New Home

Two weeks after the much loved long term Widewater residents Stanley and Hilda moved on to a private lake for their own comfort and safety, our World of Widewater Chairperson Jo Procter paid them a visit at their beautiful new home:

Yesterday (21st June 2023) I went to see how Stanley and Hilda were settling in to their new home and arrived to find them sunning themselves on the beautiful big lawn that runs down to the lake. They walked towards me and we had a little reunion chat whilst they nibbled the sweetcorn I had taken them.

They are obviously very happy there. The lady is looking after them, feeding them and keeping an eye on them. She has had the bank dug out to make a slope for Stanley who has arthritis so he can get in and out of the lake more easily.

At the moment there are some Canada geese there but Stan and Hilda have established the pecking order – Swans being at the top! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜

Although I miss them, as Iā€™m sure others do, I am so happy to see them settled and living in peace in a very beautiful new home and I am very grateful to the lady who has welcomed them there.

Jo Procter