Swan Update

Having chased off many visiting Swans and re established the lagoon as their territory, the breeding season is beginning for the resident Widewater Swan pair who are building up their nest site ready for egg laying this Spring.

Their cygnet, who has also been chased away, will fly to join the flock of young Swans on the River Adur where he will continue to mature. This will be the 11th breeding season for this pair and to date they have produced 30 cygnets who have reached maturity and flown off to the river.

During March you may see them mating on the lagoon, April will be the month when the female sits on her nest whilst the male patrols the territory.

The cygnets hatch at the beginning of May and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we have more this year as for the past 2 years they have only had a single surviving cygnet which may be due to the advanced age of the male. 

by Jo Procter