School Visit

Today we had a lovely visit to Widewater of 90, year 1 children from Seaside Primary school. ( Helpfully divided into 3 groups! )     They were visiting as part of their study of coastal areas.

SDOS members Tony, Phil, Sue and Eva kindly came to help and to share their expertise and set up scopes for the children to look through.
It was great fun, the sun was shining and the children loved to see and hear about the Black headed Gulls and Swans.

The Red breasted Mergansers decided to hide from us unfortunately but it didn’t matter as the children were equally fascinated by the Black headed gulls!

It was really great to be able to engage with these young children and to share our passion for nature. The year leader said she would like to return with the children in May when hopefully the cygnets will be here and when there will be lots of Spring activity.

This is the future. We must encourage future generations to care for, protect and value the natural world and the planned new Visitor Centre will provide a much needed base to support activities susch as these.  WOW will be working hard this year, alongside Lancing Parish Council to source the funds needed for the project.

by Jo Procter