World of Widewater New Year Bird Walk

On 7th January 2024 the New Year Widewater Bird Walk took place on a sunny but chilly morning! It was a fantastic turn out with about 40 people attending. Led by SDOS Birding experts, Tim and Jenny Holter and Tony Benton, groups were taken along the Lagoon spotting an array of birds and finding out more about their habits and lives. It always amazes me how the birding experts can identify a black dot in the distance and know exactly what it is!

We didn’t spot the Kingfishers today but we were entertained by the antics of the Little Grebes and we saw Little Egrets, the resident Appleyard ducks, Red Shanks, A Coot, A Morehen,a Stonechat, various Gulls and a bush full of House Sparrows. ( and probably more! )

I was able to give some information about our latest visitors- a flock of Mute Swans and the group heard the latest instalment in the story of Hilda, previous long term resident Swan and mate of the late Stanley who presently lives mainly in my garden! Suitors come and go but Hilda doesn’t seem to have found “ the one “ yet! The newer, dominant pair and their 9 Juvenile Cygnets were seen chasing the visiting Swans about!

A huge thanks to Tony, Tim and Jenny for leading the walk and all the SDOS birding experts who contributed their fascinating knowledge of the birds to be found here. A big thank you also to everyone who joined in to make the walk such an enjoyable occasion.

Jo Procter