I wanted to update everyone on the swan situation on the lagoon – as you possibly know, we have had 2 pairs of nesting swans this year – the old timers Hilda and Stanley have been on Allen Island at the east end of the lagoon and the incomers are on an island nearer to the footbridge. It is unusual for swans to nest within sight of each other and the two males have had some heated territorial disputes! Earlier in May we were thrilled to see a single cygnet parading the lagoon with it’s proud parents, but unfortunately 2 days ago a black backed gull was seen attacking and flying off with the cygnet! Such is nature but it is a heart breaking situation when there was only the single offspring.

Onto happier news, last week there was a visit from 90 6 years olds from Seaside School. Their topic was animals and with a bit of help from a lot of people, 15 species were identified in and around the lagoon. Pond dipping was a very popular activity. The children all had a lovely time and we hope that Widewater lagoon can become a regular location for school visits.

WoW is working with Lancing Parish Council to raise the funds for another ecological survey of the nature reserve. The last survey was conducted by a team of experts from Brighton University in 2013. It is important to establish and maintain the health of the flora and fauna in order to protect the specialist species living here, and the survey will provide this necessary information.

On Monday 16th May at 20.15, we are going to celebrate the rising of the Flower Full Moon, with a swim, paddle, or paddle board. We will be meeting at the western end of the beach huts just to the right of the end of the footbridge and hope to stay for warming drinks afterwards so please do come along and join in with your flasks!

On Sunday 5th June at noon, we will be meeting, at the same beach as before, for a WoW picnic. Please come along with your families, swimming gear and picnics and let’s have a get together that we haven’t managed for 2 years!

The committee hopes to organise more events as the year progresses, but in the meantime, stay well and enjoy our beautiful lagoon.

by Penny Eaton