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After a nail-biting day our very special Cygnet has survived being separated from the parents and was rescued by a man in his canoe – already this Cygnet has had an adventure. ┬áIt’s a pity we only have one Cygnet this year but at least she has one and won’t be distressed.

Cygnet 2018

Dave Wilson caught this beautiful moment today. He also reported that they have been on the water today which is a great sign and both will be feeding Dave keeps a bowl of fresh water by the nest – really important for the cygnet as they can’t cope with high salinity at this stage. He’s also sprinkling some organic chick crumb down that I gave him as we need this little one to grow fast in the first 2 weeks – the most vulnerable stage when Gulls and Crows can take them. Fingers still crossed!

By Jo Procter

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  1. It was distressing to learn that out of the clutch of 7 eggs only one of the chicks has survived. Have the other chicks been checked?

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