Fish carcasses in Widewater Lagoon

As you are aware there has unfortunately been many dead fish in the lagoon due to the recent hot weather. West Sussex County Council have been monitoring the situation and the Environment Agency have been kept informed. The WOW committee have also tried to keep an update on the web.

Thankfully the water levels have now raised, temperatures have dropped and there have been no new reports of dead fish.

A WOW member contacted me yesterday with concerns of the impact of the carcasses in the lagoon, she thought that the amount of fish was so great that if we had another period of very hot weather the balance of our very healthy lagoon could be disturbed. She also stated that she has hooked carcasses out of the lagoon and disposed of them and wanted to suggest this to others who might be inclined to do the same, I agreed to pass this suggestion on.

Prepared by Gill Purnell

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