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  1. Friends of Widewater,can you help,I lhave a blue rowing boat abandoned at the bottom of my garden,must belong to someone,does anyone know who maybe looking for it?
    Many thanks.

  2. I was just wondering if there is access or a pathway in between the flats at the east end of the widewater and Number 12 Seahaven Gardens. I seem to remember there always used to be a footpath/access, but it is now blocked.

    • Hi Steven,
      Sorry for such a long delay in replying to you. My name is Jo Procter and I’m the secretary of WOW. The access that you refer to has been blocked to protect the swan’s nest site. There is a another fence at the other side of the nest site installed by Lancing Parish Council. The area of the lagoon where there is access by the flats is private land and therefore not a public access point. I hope that answers your question and sorry again for the delay in responding. Best wishes Jo.

  3. Hi,

    My wife and I were crossing the bridge last Thursday when I noticed two large plaice swimming close to the surface and bridge and, as I had my camera in my hand, I managed to take a (not too great) image of them.

    Having checked the associated websites, I must admit that I was surprised, to say the least, to see such large fish in the lagoon as, unless I have missed references to them, I have not seen any.

    I will em a copy of the image should you be interested.

    We will be joining the ‘Friends’ when we move down from Yorkshire, as we have just exchanged contracts to purchase a new home on Brighton Road.

  4. I have just moved in with my partner in Sompting and over the past 4 years have often cycled along the prom and seen the wide variety of bird life on the lagoon, stopping on occasions with my binoculars to have a good look.

    I walked along today with my mum and we were delighted to see Little Grebe, a Ringed Plover and a number of Wheatear (we think) as well as the usual Egrets, Swans etc.

    I would like to know more about how I could get involved with your group please. The Lagoon is a wonderful area to be treasured.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Sally
      Lovely to hear from you and yes the lagoon is a place to treasured.
      Please e-mail me your address and I’ll send you a membership form and our latest rundown.
      If you would prefer to call, my number is 01903 765440.
      Kind regards
      Gill Purnell
      (membership sec.)

      • Dear Gill
        Please accept my apologies – I have only just clicked on your reply. In the meantime I have enjoyed seeing lots of lovely birds at the Lagoon over the winter/spring months whilst having a cuppa after an early morning run along the prom!
        Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Re: the info sign board by Widewater car park, loos and ice cream shop. Your interpretation board shows an oystercatcher labelled as “redshank”. A buzzard profile labelled as “kestrel”. Sea thrift labelled as “vipers bugloss”. For some people this might give the message that the site is not in safe hands! When the sign was new we all thought it would corrected, but years later it is still a well known local idiosyncratic talking point. it is now quite old-looking anyway, and given the inaccuracies as well, have you any plans to remove or replace it?

    • Dear Richard,
      Thanks for visiting our website and posting your comments re the sign board by the Booth. I note you are not a Member of WOW, although you must be a local resident! Therefore you may not know that the signs were put up by Lancing Parish Council when our association was called FOWL. We now have an entirely new committee, we have identified various things that need to be done and are prioritising them. We have decided to get the Booth up and running as this will be a source of income that we can then use on new signage etc. We do also publish a quarterly newsletter for members to update them and invite their comments. So, why not join us? Anyway, I will pass your comments on to the committee when we next meet.
      Yours, Garry Purnell. Vice Chair.

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