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Information from WSCC

June 22, 2017 Barbara 0

Information from WSCC ‘High temperatures and low water at Widewater Lagoon, have reduced oxygen levels in the Lagoon. This has had an impact on fish […]

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Widewater Fish

June 22, 2017 Barbara 0

Latest information re fish in the Lagoon  ‘Any concerns regarding dead fish  / gasping fish should be reported to the Environment Agency, who are the […]

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Widewater Levels

June 20, 2017 Barbara 2

At 1pm today I attended a meeting on-site at Widewater in respect of refurbishment and alteration to plinths which will hold natural history identification panels […]

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AGM & Social

June 12, 2017 Barbara 2

The WOW’s AGM and social was held on Wednesday 7th June from 7pm -9pm at The Marlipin’s Museum in Shoreham. 56 people attended and 17 […]

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May 23, 2017 Barbara 0

Please find attached here a PDF of WOW Rundown. Please click on the link to read the Magazine. WOW – Rundown 16th May 2017. PDF

New Plinth Update

April 21, 2017 Barbara 0

Yesterday Garry kindly and expertly moved the Flowers and Plants panel from the Booth plinth to the new plinth and it looks amazing! pics attached. We […]

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Swan Update

March 28, 2017 Barbara 0

The resident Mute swan pair have been busy preparing their nest for the new breeding season and the female is now sitting on her eggs. […]