Update from the WOW AGM

Latest update from the EA re the mitigation pipe:

All three of the pipes are which feed water into the Widewater lagoon are now clear of obstructions. This cost in the order £36,000.

In addition, we undertook clearance work on the Lancing PC part of the site, at the lagoon outfalls to clear shingle from the lagoon. This was done in order to prevent shingle re-entering the pipes from the lagoon side. We have done this work free of charge on Lancing PC behalf and we do not plan to recharge this cost to Lancing PC. We would strongly encourage Lancing PC to undertake regular clearance of the lagoon at the two pipe outlet points in order to prevent shingle and sand entering the landward pipes.

We are continuing to plan and design for improvements to the pipe on the seaward side, in order to prevent shingle entering and blocking the pipe.

We are also working on plans to better control the water level management operations from within the control chamber. This should hopefully allow a more consistent level to be held within the lagoon.

from the AGM