The Cygnets Arrive

Still 2 cygnets in the nest today. I’m thinking that might be it for this year though hatching can be over 2/3 days so we’ll see …

Please put out fresh water for them if you live here and can find an accessible place to put a shallow container that won’t float away!

The salinity levels are ok at the moment ( 34 at a recent reading ) but the salt gland that Swans have takes a little time to develop so fresh water will be helpful.

The first 2 weeks are a critical time for the survival of cygnets. Predators such as Gulls and Crows are the main danger. After this they are too big to pick off. The parents will guard them and our Widewater pair are very experienced parents so will be alert to this danger. Fox also pose a threat but again our pair are experienced and should be able to protect them. Once they are on the water for most of the time they will be safe.

The early days are a bit of a nail biting time! 🤞

By Jo Procter