GOOD NEWS! Mitigation Pipe Works

This is the latest update from the EA re the Mitigation pipe works. Good news!

“I am sure you will have heard or maybe seen the work our contractors have been doing on the Widewater Lagoon feed pipes over the last couple of weeks.

We are pleased to say that whilst this work has been expensive, the results appear to have been excellent. Both of the two pipes on the lagoon side are now flowing, although we have a little more work to do next week on the eastern pipe to get it completely cleared of debris. We also have a bit of work to do to tidy the working area up over the coming weeks.

We are continuing to work on our plans to try and prevent this volume of shingle being deposited within the pipes again in the future.”

Fingers crossed for levels to improve fully and for the future providing the levels are monitored. I think we need to play a part in that too.