For info: a lone swan at the west end of the lagoon is being fed out of the water regularly.   I have no problem with feeding swans as I have said before but only if feeding is sensible and the swan is not put at risk.

This swan is being encouraged to come out of the water and is being fed dry bread by hand. The problems here are –

choking on dry bread ( it should always be wet ) 

dog attacks as the swan is encouraged onto the bank and can’t escape quickly if a dog is off the lead

the swan is on the territory of a breeding pair who will also attack it if it stays and feeding will encourage it to stay

The swan needs to be with other swans where it can find a mate and would join the Adur flock if it wasn’t being fed and encouraged to stay here.

I have contacted LPC who have very helpfully agreed to put up a sign that hopefully will explain to the person feeding it why it is in the best interest of the swan to stop in order to keep it safe.

By Jo Procter