Swan News

Just adding a bit of info to my comments about the limping male resident swan. As part of a long term and strongly bonded breeding pair, it’s important that he stays with his mate and family if at all possible. It was noticed that he limps – quite badly at times and this can look worrying. He is an older swan and has had arthritis for some time. This is why he limps.

However, he is otherwise healthy and quite capable of carrying on his duties as a mate and parent. I’ve known him for 10 years and he visits me twice a day so I’m able to keep a close eye on his condition. If he was having serious problems I would take him to the Swan sanctuary where I volunteer. It’s a large hospital and sanctuary for sick and injured swans and other wildfowl. But this would be stressful for him and his mate so whilst he’s able to get about and seems healthy it’s best for him to be here.

Swans are best adapted for swimming and flying but walking isn’t generally easy for them. Their legs are set at the back of the body to power their swimming but this means that their weight is in front of their legs hence the classic “waddle”.

The male can swim and fly well and although he limps he can still get about. He will use his wings to help him get in and out of the water if needs be. So at the moment all is well.

Thanks to all who look out for the Swans. Any worries please let me know.

By Jo Procter