Further Update on Water Levels

An update in respect of the lagoon water levels during routine monitoring of Widewater Lagoon this morning.

The high tides over the weekend, in conjunction with the dropped weir boards, had some positive effect on the water levels albeit small given the very high air temperatures that continued to be present throughout that period.   However, it did not recharge the lagoon.   There was a net loss of Ca. 1cm of water, and there was also a drop in the water temperature as well. Salinity levels remain elevated across the site.

It is recognised that the far west end of the lagoon i.e. beyond the small causeway, is now to all intents and purposes dry, with only small puddles remaining.

The next suitable high tide sequence begins Tuesday 10th July.   This high tide sequence will run to Thurs 19th July.

The plan is that the weir boards will remain set at this current lower level going forward to meet the next high tide cycle.   The site will be monitored on Thurs 12th July – and liaise with EA following monitoring, and the site will be monitored again on Mon 16th July – and liaise with EA following monitoring.   This double monitoring will occur to assess whether the boards or penstock valve need any further adjustment – i.e. to check that not too much water is coming into the system – given the length of the high tide cycle.

Unfortunately, it is expected that water levels will continue to drop as the weather forecast is not indicating any real change in the very hot weather that we are experiencing.